Booty call dating

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Dating: You’ve spent the day together and it’s getting very late.

He’s having a great time with you there and wants you to stay the night.

It takes a pretty special lady to win a man's heart, just as it takes a special guy to win a gal's heart if they have any sense of self-esteem..want someone good for them, sex notwithstanding.

I don't think withholding sex gets a woman love any more than having sex garners love. But let's not forget...he's a man, a sexual being..wants to plant that seed by virtue of his nature, just like we want to acquire the mate to protect our mutual offspring.

You are sexually attractive, so it's not abnormal that guys want to have sex with you if you consent to it. I would be shocked to hear of 1 f/t/f that did not get complicated.

There is also NOTHING wrong with you consenting to it as long as you are responsible with it and protect yourself from potential risks. Sure we can all talk about the rules but for some people and in most cases, rules were meant to be broken!

I don't think it's in a man's mind to think "I want to get serious with someone" unless he's really wanting to settle down. I have to say that f/t/f in my experience, is also know as the urban myth!! Now girl that is your own call and with a thread like this you are sinking deep!!!!!!

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It doesn't mean we're messed up, f*cked up or sexual deviants. I say this; if after you decide to have sex it appears that that was all you had to offer then that's all the other person has to choose from. If all a guy talks about is how much money he has and what his status is then the woman that he's going to attract and be with are the ones that can tolerate that type of communication and conversation.Just as well, if a guy is dating a girl that after they have sex she can't hold an intelligent conversation, know's no current events, and seems to not have anything else to offer other than a peice then that's where she will stay!!! I liked it, thought it demonstrated you have personality and some cuteness to your character if that term can be used here without offending.That indicates that you in some way feel used by that or that you've had some bad experiences around that. Few men are truly looking for a mate and the chances that each guy we date or check out is looking for a long term commitment just like that is slim.For the most part, dating today is about getting to know one another, trying to establish a connection and often, sex. We try to do it with people we feel attracted to sexually.

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