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Additionally, Renée Gobeil, Leigh Greiner, Aileen Harris and Laura Booth were extremely helpful in the editing process; much appreciation is due for their suggestions and rewording.Correctional officers across Canada were essential in distributing survey materials to the women; your commitment to these women and your support of our research is much appreciated.Thanks also to April Dorion for her assistance in assembling and distributing the surveys.Dena Derkzen and Renée Gobeil offered valuable methodological and statistical expertise throughout the project.What became evident through this process were the hardships experienced by these women, in their lives both outside the criminal justice system and within (Task Force on Federally Sentenced Women, 1990).Armed with a more in-depth understanding of the experiences and needs of incarcerated women, the Task Force assembled a final, groundbreaking report, "Creating Choices: The report on the Task Force on Federally Sentenced Women".Results of the interviews were amassed into a report entitled "Survey of Federally Sentenced Women" (Shaw, 1991) and presented to the Task Force.The Survey was essential in: 1) providing a broader picture of women involved in the Canadian federal correctional system; 2) presenting the women's views of incarceration; 3) presenting their experiences with current treatment and programs; and 4) discussing where women would prefer to serve their sentences.

All women serving time in a federal women's institution between October 2007 and January 2008 were invited to participate.

More specifically, results from the survey include information on physical and mental health, substance use, victimization, self harm, children and family, education and employment, recreation and exercise, relationships with staff and other women inmates, programming, and release.

Additionally, results highlighted areas of women's corrections that have improved, as well as areas that may still benefit from further development.

There were a number of individuals involved in the survey who lent their experience and expertise to this project.

Many thanks are extended to Kelley Blanchette and Renée Gobeil for their continued support and guidance in updating the survey.

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