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Over 80 Late Model teams arrived at Martinsville Speedway early Friday morning for the 2017 Valley Star Credit Union 300.The talented list of drivers that showed up for the very first Late Model night race include former track champions, former Martinsville winners, CARS Tour competitors, as well as many drivers making their first appearance at the historic short track. Falk III- Despite a recent stagnation in his late model career, Falk has proven strong at this event on many occasions. 01 Philip Morris- Morris once again is back at looking to be at peak form coming into this race. Bad luck and misfortune are behind now from previous years.A real Late Model rookie, a real first timer at Martinsville, a true dark horse Dinah Thompson: 1. The veteran looks like he’s better than ever and poised for a fourth Martinsville victory. 5 Lee Pulliam- Pulliam is always a factor at Martinsville.01 Philip Morris- It’s Philip Morris, what else does anyone need to say? 5 Lee Pulliam- Controversy surrounds this year’s national title, I expect Lee to be out to prove a point. 22 Bobby Mc Carty- Mc Carty looks to build off his Hampton Heat win. 27 Tommy Lemons Jr.- Tommy is hungry for his third clock. 24 Mason Diaz- The Mike Darne Motorsports driver has had a strong season and is looking to make a name for himself Dark Horse: 14 Ryan Repko- The kid was fast at the test, now to see if he can keep it rolling throughout the weekend. 88 Josh Berry- The All-Time Winningest driver on the CARS LMSC Tour has won some of the LMSC Crown Jewels, but this one has eluded him, I think he could get it. 1 Jake Crum- The former Valley Star Credit Union Winner has had a stout car and could win his second Grandfather Clock. 12 Timothy Peters- The time for redemption is now for the Nelson Motorsports Team and the former Camping World Truck Series driver. 5 Lee Pulliam- Yes, I know he’s the favorite, but I’m picking him because of his fantastic season and the momentum he has from this month. He finished second last year and will certainly be in the hunt for his second Martinsville win this year. 22 Bobby Mc Carty- Mc Carty is one of the most under-rated racers in LMSC racing.27 Tommy Lemons Jr.- On the past two odd years (20), Lemons was victorious in this race. He also has two wins in this race in his last six starts. 01 Philip Morris- With three wins, Morris has more in this event than any other competitor. He’ll lead some laps but won’t be in position to win this year. 22 Bobby Mc Carty- After impressive performances at South Boston and the win at Langley Speedway, Mc Carty will be on a mission, but he won’t catch the break he’ll need at the end to win. 26 Peyton Sellers- Experience is an asset at Martinsville and Sellers has just that. Sellers will have another good run but comes up short in victory.Dark Horse: 24 Mason Diaz- Might be short in racing against the big names but nothing short of guts and determination. Smith- Yes another LPP entry, but he’s been a strong front runner for years and if he stays out of the mess, he’ll be there at the end for sure. 50 Haley Moody- I got a feeling she’ll make the field once again and with the LPP, she could not only finish strong, but she could win it! 24 Colin Garrett- No it’s not because I’m spotlighting him, it’s because of the conversation I had with him and the confidence he has is amazing for a Martinsville rookie. 01 Philip Morris- 2017 has been a banner year for Philip Morris with 20 wins on the season.

It’s Sunshine Week all around the country, and it’s always sunny in the desert.

I’d expect Sellers to be in contention again on Saturday. Last year, she defied expectations and made the big dance. I remember this team three years ago, didn’t know if they were coming or going, bunch of common rednecks like me but they got the job done. Undoubtedly one of the favorites for Saturday night. 5 Lee Pulliam- Like Morris, he was pretty fast in the test, and has been one of the best Late Model drivers along the east coast this year. 88 Josh Berry- He’s been solid in the last few races of the CARS LMSC Tour championship, and I expect him to carry over that success into Martinsville. 22 Bobby Mc Carty- Winner of the Hampton Heat, and co-leader of the Virginia Triple Crown.

This year, teamed up with Pulliam, she might just be a surprise. They are still regular people, but on the Barry Nelson team they have the resources to work with, and they will be the car to beat. 01 Philip Morris- What can you say, the KING of Late Model racing. Watch his line around the track, it looks like a slot car, the same every lap. Doesn’t race much anymore, but is still balls to wall don’t give a damn, what I like in a racer. He’ll be looking to end on a high note Saturday night. 27 Tommy Lemons Jr.- Two-time winner of the Valley Star Credit Union 300, and has looked strong in the races that he’s run this year.

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