Dating married slut

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He wants to think that he's the only one you're sleeping with, but he knows in the back of his head that he's not, and there are others.2. If you search for the "Player's Rulebook for Whores," you'll find things that explain why he does what he does. He has reasons not to spend time with you, or he asks you to pay for things. If in the rare instance you get him away from his wife, you're a damn fool to think he won't start cheating on you like he did her.

You feel like you matter, but he's just playing your dumb ass. Then you have a decent p*ssy, or he likes the power of coming inside you and sending you home. If he really likes you, he would find a way to spend all his time with you. He finds a way to spend most of his time with his wife and buys her sh*t, doesn't he? This normally happens when you cause the wife to leave him.

If any of these are true, you're simply a dumb woman that means nothing to this guy. Of course he does — he's trying to leave it open for you to take it how you want.

Almost every guy with a wife does NOT want to replace her with another wife; he's only f*cking you to feel powerful, and because he's not supposed to. If you're married and he's f*cking you, you're the other woman. Why would he want to replace his current wife with a lying whore? Plus, he has a hard time remembering what he's told each of his mistresses.5.

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So, wise up and move on; he isn't going to change for you.3. But it's all about the power involved, even though the wife is hotter.

The point is, if you're a female and have found a guy that doesn't have another girl, wants to be around you, and wants to pay for sh*t, then praise him!

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