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Is the Quagmire the "Black Mirror" version of hell?

(There is somebody with horns there, after all.) Purgatory?

A guy at Tucker's tries to pick up Kelly by telling her about his kneecap surgery.

San Junipero really loves its blockbusters about people who aren't what they seem, huh?

When Kelly takes Yorkie back home with her, Kelly says that her abode "reminds me of where I grew up." Why wouldn't she design a virtual place that looks like home?

Yorkie picks up a photograph of a smiling young woman under a banner that says "Happy birthday Alison," and asks Kelly, "Miss your mom?

" Late in the episode, Kelly reveals that Alison was her daughter, who died at 39, before the advent of San Junipero.

In the show's final moments, Kelly's headstone shows her name — and those of her husband Richard and daughter Alison.

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