Accommodating workplace injuries

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In minding the existence of the ‘happiness principle’, we are everyday falling into the statistical trap of that famous quip attributed to the 19th century Showman, P. Barnum, that there’s “a sucker born every minute.” Even if everyday empirical evidence refutes the existential reality of such a principle, we nevertheless hope against fading hope for such a white knight in shining armor – that armor of protective fallacies based upon a nonexistent principle wrapped in the cloaking of hopes unearned and never to be attained. Medical conditions may continue to remain chronic; there will likely remain many challenges in the future; but the point of filing for Federal Disability Retirement is to allow for one to attain a plateau of hopefulness where one can make one’s health and well-being a priority, without necessarily minding the ‘happiness principle’ or believing in P. you still need to prove your case although current status with va might help, lack of productivity federal job due to current medical condition, law enforcement medical retirement letters, law enforcement stress retirement, light duty opm disability retirement, medical inability to perform in u. civil service employment, medical narratives for owcp, medical narratives for owcp disability retirement, medical retirement benefits when removed from service, medical retirement from bop criteria, medically retire from federal government, medically retire from the federal government, multiple sclerosis retirement federal employee, notice of proposed medical removal opm, office of personnel management retirement disability, opm approval of disability retirement, opm disability denial, opm disability reconsideration and appeals group lawyer, opm disability retirement success or not, opm eeo adhd, opm excessive awol due to medical condition, OPM medical retirement, opm medical retirement disability package help, opm reasonable accommodation request form, opm terminal ill disability, owcp continuing disability related to lumbar sprain, owcp forcing me to have major hernia surgery or shut my money off, owcp medical disability and retirement application, owcp medical information, post office anxiety termination, proposal to remove ill employee from federal job, purpose of sf 3112 forms, quitting post office job after many years due to mental condition, reasonable accommodation request form opm, requesting extended sick leave federal employment, resigning from federal service opm, service connected disabilities and lwop federal gov, sf 3112a form help, shift the burden in worker's comp cases on bulging disc degeneration and what can I do if they decide it was not service connected, ssdi and fers, stress leave for dod employee and pay, sue opm for disability retirement, terminating a federal employee with medical issues, us office of personnel management disability, USPS Disability, usps light duty request denied because it was not work related: can I apply for federal disability if injury was off duty?

yes, va disability for knee replacement, va disability retiring from federal service, what happens when I am removed from federal employment for excessive sickness?

, OPM disability retirement, options and resources for incapacitated federal employees when their agencies no longer need them, owcp disability retirement, postal employee career choices, postal service disability retirement, representing federal employees from any us government agency, the last option of an injured federal employee, the retirement options that an injured or disabled federal worker has, two choices left for a disabled federal employee: further deterioration of a medical condition or federal disability retirement, USPS disability retirement, usps plus disability options, when change is not "an" alternative but "the" only alternative for a disabled federal employee, when health is your main priority (as it should be) then your only choice you got is federal disability retirement, when the light duty postal employee runs out of all his or her options, when there is no other place to go: federal disability retirement | Leave a comment » Federal and Postal employees who are contemplating filing for Federal Disability Retirement benefits through the U. Office of Personnel Management, whether under FERS or CSRS, face a formidable task both in terms of legal hurdles and administrative, bureaucratic glitches — not the least of which is in facing the daily battle with the medical condition itself.

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, just narrowing your options putting your health always as a priority, law firm representing clients in opm disability law all across america, maintaining your options open after an injury in the federal workplace, medical retirement options for federal employees, nationwide representation of federal employees, no other choice, one question about priorities - your health or your job?Does a successful positional reassignment negate the Federal Disability Retirement application if such an offer of reassignment is refused by the Federal employee or Postal worker prior to an approval of a Federal Disability Retirement application? Moreover, the applicant him/herself will often mis-state the issue of accommodations on SF 3112A.If a Federal or Postal employee is given a temporary duty assignment, and the length of such an assignment or occupation of such a position is for an unlimited amount of time, does that impact a Federal Disability Retirement application as it sits pending a review by the U. The term “accommodations” has a very narrow definition, and must be used and applied to the advantage of the Federal or Postal employee who is filing for Federal Disability Retirement benefits under FERS or CSRS.That secret incantation; those mysterious sequence of codes (yes, which is why the Da Vinci Code was so popular – until it was made into a movie and the audience realized the farcical nature when bad literature is transformed into an ever worse media script); or perhaps it is a deal of Faustian proportions – of one’s soul for the hidden principle, the fountain of youth, the corridor down timeless ecstasy; instead, of course, in this mass-marketing world of consumer gullibility, we cling to the anticipation – despite all historical evidence to the contrary – that there exists a fortune-teller’s abracadabra comprising a happiness principle.Principles are the foundational guidance for understanding the causal connections of events that occur in the objective world; first principles, as Aristotle liked to point out, are important in their revelatory powers to comprehend the operational mechanisms of this world of Being.

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