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But social mores aside, Egyptian youth are skilled at usurping the system.About half of the population is under 25 and more than a third is connected online.“It’s everything I hate about [Egyptian] society condensed in an app.” She asked Vocativ not to use her name because she “manage[s] a lot of young boys at work.” Still, after first trying out Tinder in Canada, she’s continued to use it in Cairo on-again off-again to expand her dating circle, with some successful romances along the way. “But in Egypt it’s used for many things.” Traditionally in Egypt sexual relations outside of marriage are taboo — in fact, any dating that happens is generally short and geared towards getting engaged.Sexual health education, meanwhile, is practically non-existent, and nearly all Egyptian women have experienced sexual harassment.They also reported being flooded with matches and responses.For the now-engaged AUC graduate, her foray into Tinder began in 2015, when she and two other AUC friends started using tinder together as “a support group” when they were bored.

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Prolonged engagements can serve as a dating-like get-to-know-you period as it provides legitimacy to the relationship (and can be called off), Ghannam said.

“I wasn’t really sure what I was trying to find on Tinder,” the twenty-five-year old said, requesting anonymity because her parents, who do not live in Cairo, do not know.

“But whatever it was I didn’t find it.” In Cairo, where about one-eighth of Egypt’s 90 million people live, conditions are relatively freer relationship-wise than in other parts of the country.

Nehal, 31, a graduate from a public Egyptian university, who used only her first name for privacy reasons.

was frustrated that she wanted to date but hadn’t found anyone through her social and family circles, as is most common in Egypt.

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