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The cameras were purchased about 2 months apart and one purports to be an updated version but honestly, I see no significant difference between them.The newer camera is all black but I recommend getting whatever is on sale at the time as the difference between them appears to only be a chrome ring around the older one’s lens. Prices can vary wildly but at the time of my purchases each was about shipped from Hong Kong to the US. The first one I bought through e Bay and the second one here on Amazon (though I believe it was the same seller for both). I recommend you make sure it has a Novatek chipset as this spec in particular seems to weed out the worst of the knock offs.To avoid financial charges being imposed, all cardholders who have subscribed to a 'zero-interest/interest-free' monthly repayment plan(s), are required to make payment of the monthly instalment specified by the bank at the time the Instalment Payment Plan is entered into ("the Monthly Instalment") in full.In the event a cardholder opts to only pay the minimum amount of five percent (5%) of the balance remaining unpaid under the Instalment Payment Plan, ("the Outstanding Balance") or Ringgit Malaysia Fifty (RM50), whichever is higher, instead of the Monthly Instalment in full, the cardholder will be liable for the interest charges on the Outstanding Balance.Once installed you need never touch the camera again– it’ll power on and off with the car and record its loops happily until the day you need it.Pulling video off the camera is as simple as removing the card from its side slot and inserting it in your computer.Or brag about your rescue of a wayward kitten by preserving it for future generations? Since we have 3 cars, naturally I have 2 dashcams (eh– yeah…

Here you can see how it’s perched from that point of view.

I painted the chrome lens surround black in the interest of being discrete. When you’re spending all of on a camera, you want every dollar to shout QUALITY!

On the Tesla I have it mounted just to the right of the transponder “zone” behind the rearview mirror as the included suction cup won’t attach to the dotted glass.

I have mine set to display for the first minute of driving (a good visual confirmation it is working) and then it goes black except for a barely perceptible steady LED.

Being shifted to the right of center by the windshield coating, the camera does enter the passenger’s field of view.

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