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But if the car of the future doesn’t need a driver, will there still be a need to teach people how to drive?More simply: Will driver’s education, once a rite of passage for many American teens, go the way of the milk man?turned the video-store clerk into an endangered species.And nobody even cares about flash drives anymore thanks to the cloud.Some experts say that driverless cars could — at least one day — accelerate the contraction of this already weakened industry.Ruiz says that while it will be far in the future before most Americans are driving autonomous cars, when they do, it won’t be good news for the industry.

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Many driver’s ed teachers and industry experts don't seem too concerned.There’s also the fact that more people of all ages — and especially young people — don’t get their driver’s license, according to a study released in January by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, which examined the percentage of people with driver’s licenses in 1983, 2008, 20.In every one of those years, there was a drop in the percentage of people aged 16 to 44 with a driver’s license.** For Text to Speech versions – WAIT to allow Reciteme to translate the pdf into listening format.Longer Manuals Take Longer** Also every effort has been made to link to the most current driving manual. To listen to manuals noted “text to speech”, you must first ‘Enable Recite’ at the top of this page at Top Left. *** Please let us now if we need to update a Drivers Manual to a more current version. Alabama: HERE (text to speech) Alaska: HERE (text to speech) Arizona: HERE (text to speech) Arkansas: HERE (text to speech) California: link to Audio Manual Colorado: HERE (text to speech) Connecticut: link to Audio Manual Delaware: HERE (text to speech) Florida: HERE (text to speech) Georgia: HERE (text to speech) ———————- Hawaii: HERE (text to speech) Idaho: link to Audio Manual Illinois: HERE (text to speech) Indiana: link to Audio Manual Iowa: HERE (text to speech) Kansas: HERE (text to speech) Kentucky: HERE (text to speech) Louisiana: HERE (text to speech) Maine: link to Audio Manual Maryland: link to Audio Manual ———————— Massachusetts: HERE (text to speech) Michigan: HERE (text to speech) Minnesota: link to Audio Manual Mississippi:: HERE (text to speech) Missouri: link to Audio Manual Montana: link to Audio on i Tunes Nebraska: link to Audio Manual Nevada: HERE (text to speech) New Hampshire: HERE (text to speech) New Jersey: HERE.

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