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Stranger: Moans You: I feel you so tight around me You: squeezing my finger Stranger: Mmmmmm You: i fuck you faster Stranger: Looks at you I bet you don't want to stop baby You: pushing myself inside you Stranger: Mmmmmm You: i really don't want to stop You: you're making me soo wet Stranger: Mmmmmm yes You: i fuck you relentlessly Stranger: Mmmmmmmm Stranger: Push deeper part of your arm a little in me You: my fingers know what they are doing they fit so well with your pussy Stranger: Mmmmm You: i push further even though it doesn't feel possible Stranger: Feels so fucking good You: it feels like your pussy swallows my hand Stranger: I roll my eyes in pleasure You: i go further and further You: i move back and forth Stranger: I scream!!

You: i gently start licking around your pussy, sometimes flickering, playing with it a bit Stranger: Mmm You: oh i love it Stranger: Mmmmm You: you taste so good Stranger: Mmm You: i can't get enough Stranger: Mmm keep licking You: I move my hands down as I keep licking, putting my hands on the inside of your thighs Stranger: Mmmmm You: caressing them Stranger: I spread my legs more You: feeling your soft skin Stranger: Mmm Stranger: You're so good You: I keep licking you gently, looking up from time to time to see if you are enjoying yourself Stranger: Mmmm Stranger: I moan more Stranger: Cumming more and more in your mouth You: I start licking you with a little more pressure, feeling your juices coming to me again Stranger: I rub my pussy feeling you licking it You: I savor every drop Stranger: Mmmm baby Stranger: This feels so good You: my hands getting closer and closer on your thighs Stranger: Put you hand in me Stranger: I can take it You: I start putting two fingers inside you Stranger: Mmmm I hold the side of the couch hard You: I keep looking at you to see your response as i put another one in Stranger: Other hand rubs your head don't stop Stranger: Mmmmmm You: you are so amazing and wet Stranger: Mmmmmm baby of fuck I want all of it You: i feel your insides and slip the fourth finger inside Stranger: Mmmmmmmm You: it's getting tight but i love the way you react Stranger: I start moaning really loud You: i lick you a bit Stranger: I move up to the edge Stranger: Mmmmmm You: pushing in and out of you Stranger: Mmmmmmm other finger I want all of it You: " are you ready for this?

" Stranger: Your whole fucking hand You: i look deeply into your eyes You: as i put the last finger inside you Stranger: OMG mmmmmmm oh fuck oh fuck Stranger: I scream You: feeling my whole fucking hand inside of you You: moving back and fourth Stranger: Ahhhh mmmmmm You: slowly You: back You: and fourth Stranger: I squirm harder Stranger: Like you mean it You: i lick you as my hand keeps going in and out of you Stranger: Mmmmmm You: i fuck you faster Stranger: Oh fuck yes You: and a little deeper with every strike Stranger: I'm so tight and you're stretching me Stranger: Go as deep as you can mmmmm You: i feel your walls so tightly around my hand You: i push further and further Stranger: I'm so wet baby Stranger: Mmmmmmm Stranger: MMMMMM!!

x I want to gag on your big cock while I wank you off until you fill my mouth with your hot sticky load. Hey I'm Linda, a middle-aged milf wanting a good time on the phone.

My tats will tell you I've got a bit of a wild side, which is nothing compared to what I want to do to you! I also love to be showered in steaming hot piss and maybe you would like me to piss on you too? At 54 years old I can still get my wet twat to cream up with seconds of talking to you on the phone.

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