Inter office dating

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Love CAN be an addiction, and it's different from a sex addiction.The love addict becomes infatuated and can't seem to let go.), an addiction to being right leads to overstressing about mistakes (we all make some), rebellion against your boss, and destruction of inter-office relationships.Can you go a week (or even a day) without criticizing others?

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Though you can argue that a little (or a lot) of TV shows isn't truly addictive, the current version of the psychiatric diagnostic manual broadens its addiction definition from being a substance, to any compulsive behavior relied upon, despite interference with living life.

So, what are these modern-day addictions I'm talking about, and how do you know if you have one? Shopaholics get a high from experiencing shopping, the transaction, and the shiny new thing in their possession.

But just like an alcoholic sobers up, the shopping high wears off and out this addict goes again with credit card in hand.

Shopping addicts often get into serious debt, destroy relationships by lying about their shopping, and become hoarders, with their treasures tucked into every nook and cranny of their home.

Do you obsess over the next big sale you'll hit, typically shop alone, and hide purchases from your significant other? Robert Palmer was onto something when he sang about being addicted to love.

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