Korean dating sim game

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You can choose a username to be used in the chat, though emojis and special characters can’t be shown.

The background music changed and had a rather jazzy tune to it.

Characters include aspiring star Zen, billionaire director and heir Jumin, his assistant Jaehee and mysterious yet comical 707 and game addicted college student Yoosung.

The game was a free download with in-app purchases, but the size of the game itself is rather huge: 357 megabytes to be exact (and sometimes more data needs to be downloaded to continue playing the game). It seems like a typical dating game about day to day life involving a messenger app similar to Facebook Messenger and our own phones.

New technology has made gaming more interactive and engaging.

From my experience with video games, however, most games will have excellent graphics shown as a preview but the actual game is nothing compared to it.You, as the main character, decided to download a Messenger app and end up in a private chat room made up of the five characters you have a chance to interact with.Eventually, you and the character you interact with the most will “develop” a relationship before meeting each other in person.The screen changed to a desk that had four items on them: a book labeled original story, a pocket watch that said load, a floppy disk that says after ending and your “phone” that says "Extra." Everything except for the book has a lock on it.I was given two options as I clicked onto the book: casual story and deep story.

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