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As the woman at the helm of a sprawling beauty empire, Huda Kattan is normally the one testing out treatments in front of the camera.

But in a rare role reversal, the makeup mogul has thrust her sister Alya, 44, into the spotlight, by helping her to undergo a makeover of dramatic proportions.

columnist Harrison Carroll reveals: “There’s a story behind Mickey Rooney’s ex, Elaine Mahnken, lunching with Mike Garth at the Gourmet Beverly. When she passes, she’ll work for Mike between acting jobs...

“ Carroll reports “More court trouble ahead for Mickey Rooney.

The probation is granted on the intercession of leading Montana citizens. They decided suddenly to get married while dining in Los Angeles and hurried to to the El Rancho Las Vegas Hotel, registering as Mr. Rooney said he met her five years ago but that they never were alone together.

Harrison Carroll tells that Rooney asked her to get a divorce in Juarez, Mexico, instead of in California.

I got a ,000 house in Studio City, with a ,000 mortgage. The summer home at Lake Arrowhead - the same thing. The ,000 a year for ten years -that's a joke, too.

The reason I have to work now, doing bits here, feature parts there, is that I still have to pay that mortgage off. Mickey's business manager used to give each of us an allowance.

'Alya commented: 'I was very unkempt and I really didn't feel good about myself.

I needed a drastic transformation and Huda was the perfect person to help me.'Speaking afterwards, Alya added: 'I was feeling really really bad about myself, and this makeover has made me feel SO much better.'I never believed it before, but looking good can actually have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself.' ,000 (£3,787) Stylist Sarah Brown, who was recommended by Jen Atkin, went 'all out' and added super long extensions (22 pieces of 20-inch extensions).

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