Bsd update not updating kernel sources

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First, see what an automated run would remove: The core of the operating system, what you get with an installation, has been checked very carefully.The much larger collection of packages, basically those components that will be installed under the hierarchy, haven't been checked as carefully.But the good news with Open BSD is that we have the security tools and keys in place. Make sure you also download the file accompanying the installation archives or source code archives.How to use anonymous FTP If you are preparing to patch a kernel or other parts of the core system (applications, shared libraries, etc), or if you want to build or update any of the ports, go to the appropriate release directory untrusted comment: signature from openbsd 5.8 base secret key RWQNNZXt C/Mq P81Jg Ux Pz7/2d027c C49DG9Fq3g MJw52ZPl Xy3plj MWTS74Fm Z8ls Qd2Ud PKzz Vp2Qp/52NEsct0s5PTDO gj Ao= SHA256 (ANNOUNCEMENT) = 1c4da371cf3138fafaac641b3c1030f67f4d73d5bcaa93318294007ae1a97304 SHA256 (HARDWARE) = 53eb55118bb57e2e94d3b9898819c959b8e7200537221cbee30c6797bac269f9 SHA256 (PACKAGES) = cbc0964b2af61a8a8ec7b80174abd6d1a924663a03247b9687d76e5a65fef74e SHA256 (PORTS) = e8db12ce270e89289d71e6d6cc9e42b6f15d01ef305fe35bc2ec788f0b483bff SHA256 (README) = 6d06b16db5b6fe3b0b33af42b53296512710bbbeebe53509f89968de2fac4d78 SHA256 (gz) = 74f1fe9a1ae3220ac6de30bf68e21a316f4bb5d7a465e8e2848977cf05f3b3fa SHA256 (root.mail) = 0c89c7c9536760208c5ef33dd88cc9d2b1bd8270e26901177e7a39d9980c6c16 SHA256 (gz) = 9e840a89f84caca92be2b8dcbd4369ba1f96a1254473f59ed22da25649f4a9c1 SHA256 (gz) = 909244ce6aaa1a088b32dab77079c0a510856e299965e5e39f320972f53732bf SHA256 (gz) = f3aee386ca66479d81a100860d64eb357a68a8c26b1e6edfbe184abd66954985 SHA256 (gz) = 78a4b191af0cd3121691fae05619e3a89938df1e89ff913d3c54aea0af490643 file is good, you see "Signature Verified" and then one line for each of the listed files with its name and then "OK" or "FAIL".The program checks digital signatures and will only install those with a good signature.

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Why would we go through the trouble of building and installing a new kernel or other core system components?

Maybe some patches have been released to improve system security or stability.

It is pretty easy to build and install a kernel on Open BSD, easier and simpler in many ways than it is on Linux.

key collection, upgrade to every release and you can always verify things as you go.

How to build Linux kernels This is better than the Linux kernel signing model!

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