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Because I couldn't create a "connection" to a SQL-Server DB in Workbench, I thought I was missing a working ODBC driver. Looks like the only place in Workbench's where you can connect to said SQL-Server is the migration dialog.

So, I used Heidi SQL to test my connection outside of Workbench.

I do that by right clicking the Database in SQL enterprise manager, then Tasks-Generate Scripts... You must then convert the script to My SQL compatible SQL by hand (definitely the worst part of the job) and finally run the CREATE TABLE commands on the My SQL database so you have matching tables to the SQL server versions column-wise, empty and ready for data.

We also list games we've previously owned at the end of this listing under 'Games That Are Gone, But Not Forgotten'.Thx @Nolwennig for the video (in question's comments) I use sqlyog to migrate from mssql to mysql.I tried Migration toolkit and workbench but liked sqlyog for its SJA.She wants me to send money to buy one via her money transfer account. I've got a MS SQL database and I want to import the data in it to MYSQL to replace the original system.

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