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Listen to our texting advice and start being a smarter texter.Extra letters are annoying and unnecessary; guys don’t like it when you’re constantly saying “hiii,” “What’s uppp?If you can type 140 characters on Twitter, you can do it in a text message too.Your response is likely to set the tone for the rest of the conversation, so if you want him to keep texting you, you need to put in more effort than “k.” It’s hard to show emotion in text messages (unless you use a million different emoticons, which the guys aren’t a fan of either).I doubt you would stand there and laugh out loud without saying something.Guys would rather have a straightforward direct response that keeps the conversation flowing back and forth than a filler abbreviation that he doesn’t know how to read.Guys like the chase, so sit back, relax and make him text you.It can be tempting to send a double text when the last thing said didn’t really require a response on his end.

” or “Let’s study together today.” Reserve the extra letters for times when you really need to emphasize something, or if you’re ready to paaaaartyyyy.A simple “k” can come off as rude and uninterested.Show him you are actually interested in what he has to say by replying with a sentence.We’ve all been in that awkward situation when we text a guy and don’t get a reply and then text him again and still hear nothing.Usually, we send the forbidden double text when we’re drinking and then wake up and regret it in the morning.

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