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Harmony and its early main competitor, Oscar Schmidt, of New Jersey, continued to favor use of the 10th fret long after most other major manufacturers settled on the ninth fret (some, like the Larson Brothers, also continued to use 10th-fret markers).

By 1897, Sears was doing business with the fledgling Harmony company offering new guitar models.You can see from picture they are well worn but very clean - very well cared for.Postage, from Lancashire , includes packaging. If you require any more info just ask me. my long standing acoustic classic dreadnought style body sunburst colour a few dinks, main one being on the headstock which i have taken a photo of.They abandoned the sale of imported guitars because they could not withstand the climatic changes they were subject to in the New World. Ward’s was selling Lyon & Healy-made Washburn guitars and probably some low-end Bohmann guitars that featured birch wood with fake wood grains.When Sears, Roebuck and Company entered into the picture, they were selling the exact same guitars in their catalog.

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