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The most important points about a woman that men usually take into consideration are as following: - her appearance and manners - her family background, religion and nationality (or race) - age , education and profession - her zodiac sign and temperament type Though, other important things that you and your potential life partner were looking in the same direction, having the same or at least most close or similar life plans, goals, interests, social and family values.Besides both in a marriage, except for love and care, should be ready to show respect, understanding, tolerance, fidelity and sacrifice.The exclusive dating agency “Entrust" will help you to find the solution to this problem and to make your life more interesting and bright!Marriage agency "Entrust" helps successful men and attractive girls to meet and to find their happiness.First letter should be informative yet interesting. Most Russian ladies will keep your letter if they want to pursue getting to know you better. The Do's Be energetic and enthusiastic about life and about meeting that perfect someone to share your life with. Russian women want to know you have interest in the whole "package". If the letter you send cost the lady money to receive or reply make sure you cover the cost in advance and make sure you note that in the message that her reply is already paid for.Most all the letters I sent I got a response (over 95% or more). They will ask about something you wrote ten letters ago so make sure you are honest. - USD is a lot of money for Russian lady to send a letter back to you so do not put the burden on her in the initial correspondence. Russian women demand trust so do not break trust with them early on.

Reviewed on: Website: Singles is a wonderful dating site.So many people search their soul mates and do not know where to find someone special who will make their life complete and happy.Even those who are quite successful quite often feel lonely and have problems with finding the proper partner for life.If you appreciate your time and live in Moscow: contact us by phones: 7 (495) 626-44-74, 7 (965) 148-68-37, learn about our services.We will be glad to answer your call and to start cooperation with you!

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