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Sarah saw Ed moving to watch us fuck and said, “Don’t worry about Ed.

I began rubbing her breast as I said, “Oh my, Sarah, you are so beautiful, but we can’t be doing this.

You’ve been teasing me by the pool, and Melanie told me what a whore you are with all of those men from the club and neighborhood.

Then Sarah said, “David, it’s going to be so nice having your big cock around to fuck me and feed Ed.

She was also in the throes of her vaginal orgasm, and Ed kept sucking to get all of her fluids.

You’ll see in a few minutes that my testes are internal and infertile, but I’m still able to ejaculate plenty of semen.She is your mother though, and we’re using her pool, so I’ll just put up with it.” I was rubbing her big clit and said, “Holy shit, Sarah, your clit is like a cock.Sarah explained to Melanie that Ed has a smaller-than-average sized dick, and he was in the habit of sucking Sarah to orgasm both before and after they fucked.She leaned down a little more and began sucking my balls.

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