How to stop pc updating Free webcam fun

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This afternoon, after using my Windows 7 notebook, I just turned it off as usual and went to the washing room. You can go easily disable the "Install updates automatically" function under Change Setting change interface and reset the Windows 7 updates according to your needs.However, about several minutes latter back, I just found my PC did not power off and was stuck on a blue screen saying: 'Please do not power off or unplug your machine. And, just go on reading this article to know detailed steps about how to turn off auto updates on Windows 7 PC.This allows system administrators to schedule updates all at once.However, if a security flaw is being exploited in the wild, important security patches may be released immediately.

However, Windows Update can also cause problems — particularly by nagging you to reboot when you’re trying to use your computer and automatically restarting your computer overnight.And, by the way, except the "Install updates automatically" option, the "Never check for updates" option is not recommended since the outdated operating system also could bring people different PC problems, like computer frequently freezing issues, computer cannot booting issues, computer operating system loading error problems and more. Almost all Windows users use "Windows Updates" to download and install automatic updates for Windows released by Microsoft.Installing updates 1 of 196…' And, after 30 minutes latter, it still had installed updates only 25 of 196. Though this time I did have waited patiently till all the Windows 7 auto updates was installed well there, I was also afraid to encounter the same auto update problems again. Generally, the related Windows 7 auto update issues happen to people after they do have reinstalled or upgrading the Windows operating system, since this "Install updates automatically" function is a default option and will be started once there is any operating system update detected.Do you have any idea to stop the Windows 7 automatic updates? However, no matter why you encounter the similar update problems, here are simple steps for you to turn off this troublesome auto update function: Step1.

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