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"), #37244 ("Somebody Else Is Taking My Place" / "That Did It, Marie"), #37245 ("Jersey Bounce" / "A String Of Pearls") and #37246 ("Scatterbrain" / "On The Sunny Side Of The Street").

My thanks to Jack Kirschenbaum and to Dave Weiner for their kind assistance in tracking down the catalogue number of this prospective album, and to David Jessup for the revelation that it was left unissued in the USA.

The songs on discs #10009 and #10010 come from a November 16, 1943 date in which Peggy Lee did participate. Jack Teagarden fulfilled the vocal role in that date.) The songs on discs #1011 and #10112 come from the January 7, 1944 session in which Lee was the featured vocalist.

General Comments About This Index All albums are listed chronologically by year of release.

- The Pied Pipers All The Things You Are - Clark Dennis In its original (1947) configuration, Jerome Kern's Music was a 78-rpm album that contained four discs.

Readers who do not know an album's release year but who do know the album's title will hopefully be aware of the existence of a handy "Find/Search" engine in their computers' browsers (generally located at the top left of the screen, under the "Edit" menu).

"She Didn't Say Yes" is on one side of #10075, whose flip side features an instrumental version of "The Way You Look Tonight." Capitol also issued it as the above-seen 45-rpm set and as a 10" LP (1950).

In this 45-rpm album version, "She Didn't Say Yes" is in one side of #15501, whose other side contains "A Fine Romance," as sung by Johnny Mercer and Martha Tilton, in a duet version. Granted that it is too brief to be issued just by itself in one digital disc, such an objection could be bypassed if the album were to be combined with another one.

DRG would thus be an ideal candidate to issue the Kern and De Sylva albums, too.

Title: [Various Artists] Somebody Loves Me: The Beloved Songs Of Buddy De Sylva (Criterion Series)Artist: Capitol's roster Format: 78-rpm album Label: CAPITOL Cat. Year: 1947 Volumes: 4 Peggy Lee (ldr), Lee Gillette (pdr), Henry J.

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