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In the spirit of true holiday generosity, H&M launched their yearly sales earlier this week, which apply both in stores and online.

Needless to say, I'll be reaping their benefits from the comfort of my couch. Smaller items start with price tags as low as , while beauty products are an impressive 40 percent off. 17, and offers up to 70 percent off of select items, meaning my bank account is about to diminish exponentially.

I realize that my refusal to get off my laptop and shop from real clothing racks makes me one step closer to becoming one of those chair-bound, screen-obsessedcharacters, but this sale is just too dang good to shop amid any distractions. If you’re in the market for a new sweater, don’t sleep on this sale; some are priced as low as , which is what I pay for a pair of poor-quality underwear. EST, ensuring you’ll have plenty of time to pop in either pre-or post-turkey. Here are some of the best deals currently on the site, aka the components of my future wardrobe.

If you are a brave soul who likes to get in on Black Friday sales IRL, I salute you. I LOVE this bag's structured boxy shape and color-blocked design.

Will Smith, sitting on his 0 million fortune, did later double down and state that the boycott would take place anyway. Every major actor in Hollywood has made a deal with the devil, and has had to trade things that you wouldn’t, often starting when they were children and passed around to pedophiles, as Corey Feldman revealed.

What I think happened is that Will Smith’s “owners” gave Alexis the information to publish in exchange for later favors while making it appear as a “leak.” But if you examine the final three sentences of the Facebook post above, it’s easy to see how those words are coming from the men who write Smith’s paycheck, warning him to get his wife in line immediately. Not even half a day later, she the Academy for their response.No further rumors about Will Smith were disseminated.Within only two days, a challenge to Hollywood’s elite seemed completely squashed. Through submitting to hazing rituals and having gay blackmail hanging over them, they are slaves to the Hollywood elite who give them fame and money in exchange for their complete compliance, including having to display stupid Illuminati symbols in music videos and photo shoots.Most people in the mainstream already know that Hollywood is a liberal safe space that was the first to promote leftist causes such as socialism, drug use, feminism, hookup culture, atheism, environmentalism, homosexuality, and transsexualism.This can be attributed to the fact that Hollywood is run by Jews who seem to greatly dislike traditional America, small-town values, and Christianity. You probably already know that the casting couch is a way for directors and producers to have sex with the female talent in exchange for jobs, but what if I were to tell you that male actors must have sex with other men to get work, and that the top male actors in Hollywood have had to submit to degrading homosexual rituals in order to get acting jobs, and that trophies like the Oscars are not based on merit but on those who have paid their dues into the system by enduring the most humiliation, and that the degrading sexual acts all actors commit are used to keep them in line?

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