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My reproductive rights catchphrase of choice is not “safe, legal, and rare;” it’s “free abortions on demand.” But when I married my genderqueer partner (who, like me, has a uterus), I figured the part of my life where abortion access was even theoretically a personal concern had ended.

Abortion access, while still a huge political priority and something I believe in deeply, took a backseat to other issues that had more impact on my everyday life.

"And we'll find out a little bit more of that on the show.

But like I said, I don't want to give too much away and ruin the fun for you guys." While the initial surprise of seeing Morales might have got fans excited, some aren't so sure they want to see Morales return to the fray.

In the fifth episode of the first series, Morales and his family opted to travel to Birmingham rather than go with the group to the CDC (Centre of Disease Control).

He said he would be looking for lost family members, but Rick and his companions disapproved of their decision.

(For example, you cannot be legally compelled to donate an organ, even to a person who will die without it.) Throughout the IVF process, we had opportunities to get attached to our potential offspring at every developmental stage.

Speaking about his return to The Walking Dead, he said: "It's a little something that [producer] Scott Gimple and I discussed a little bit as we were preparing and leading up to it.

"We had a couple of good conversations that kind of laid down a little bit of the history of where Morales has been.

He first appeared in 2010, in the second episode of the show's first series.

After travelling to Atlanta with his wife Miranda, daughter Eliza and son Louis, the bearded warrior eventually met up with Rick Grimes and his crew.

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