78 rpm record dating guide

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The same composition could appear on diverse labels, with different prices.More often, the royalties were split in various percentages between multiple parties.Say HMV wished to produce a recording of Sir Harry Lauder singing two songs, one by Composer A, and another by Composer B.They decide to print 500 on their cheap label to sell at 1/6, and 200 on their deluxe label to sell at 2/6. have many values pre-printed and so the 500 1d stamps are supplied from stock.

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The stamp was a sort of receipt showing that the company has paid to the copyright owner (or his assigned agent), the appropriate royalty payment in respect of Mechanical Copyright.

Their copyright department are aware that composer A is a member of the Incorporated Society of Authors, Playwrights and Composers. The stamps are now applied to the appropriate side of the record and the records distributed.

Therefore they duly write to the Society requesting that they supply 500 stamps at 1% of the retail prices respectively). are then contacted and asked to remit the appropriate stamps. Thus, should Composer A find a recording of his song for sale, he can check that his stamp appears on it, and at the correct value for the price of the record.

The section of the Regulations relevant here stated that "The adhesive label ...

shall be an adhesive paper label, square in shape, the design to be entirely enclosed within a circle, and the side of the label not to be greater than % respectively.

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