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However, the hardest part of a mission is often coming home and adjusting to life as a ‘returned missionary’ (RM).

Finding the right balance after returning from a mission is extremely hard.

Take for example dating, a lot of returned missionaries go home thinking, “I’ll go home and get married before the year is over.” And then when they realize how hard dating is, they get stressed/discouraged and give up on dating, or they become bitter at the opposite sex and jealous of the other returned missionaries who are getting married. Many missionaries come home and have a period of time before the next step in life.

Setting SMART goals allows you to avoid all these pitfalls if you don’t know what a SMART goal is, then click here to read about them. An example of this is the returned missionary who has a few months before they leave for college.

My mission president once said, “The Holy Ghost goes to bed at midnight.” Whereas he was joking when he said this, it is true that the more exhausted you are the less mental willpower you have to resist temptation. Getting up early will provide you with undisturbed time for your healthy habits, like exercising or eating a real breakfast. When you get home that structured time is no longer there, it will be up to you to set time aside for these holy habits.Read your patriarchal blessing and then prayerful set goals to reach those blessings!(For how to get more out of your patriarchal blessing click here).This is column is just one guy's opinion, and while he does his best to keep what he thinks, says and writes in-line with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, "Dear Bro Jo" is not an LDS Church website. (And Sister Jo thinks you should know that he's sometimes wrong, and often way too opinionated for his own good.) Dear Bro Jo, I just got off my mission 2 weeks ago and I want to get back into the dating scene again but I feel a little nervous about going out with girls again (I still have the missionary mentality here by the way).

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