Sex dating in republican city nebraska

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"So when we get on the website, we look and we see all these offenders living around us.

It has desensitized us to who the true dangers of society are," he said.

Some sex offenders would no longer have to be on a public registry under a bill passed by the Missouri House.

The sponsor of the bill, Rodney Schad, R-Versailles, said that only about 5 percent of sexual offenders ever reoffend, and that many of the offenders are guilty of simply being, "young, dumb and stupid." He said people found guilty of offenses like public urination have been put into the same shunned category as pedophiles and child rapists.

Schad said some employers are reluctant to hire sex offenders because they know the address of their business will be listed on the site.

The state sex offender registry took effect in 1995.

Some defense attorneys fear that while the proposed bill is an improvement, it will not do enough.

As things stand now, judges rarely allow petitioners off the list, attorneys say.

The proposal would remove the offender's work or school address, and a physical description of the offender's vehicles.

"Over the years, things keep getting added and added, and it's out of control," said St.

Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Mc Culloch, president of the Missouri Association of Prosecuting attorneys.

Critics say decisions in higher courts and federal laws have made it unclear since then which types of offenses require registration and for how long.

Even some prosecutors agree that changes are needed.

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