Sonic has a dating problem

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Even if they reached a building in an effort to target people inside, most of the wave would bounce off walls before harmlessly reaching their target.The use of sound as a weapon can be traced back to biblical times.Many claim to have been “attacked” in their homes, and even a hotel. cannot prove that the Cubans are responsible, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has suggested that the Cuban government knows more than they are letting on.Why were some people affected while others who were standing next to them, were not? “We believe that the Cuban government could stop the attacks on our diplomats,” he said.

Even though sound is measurable, we tend to experience it as spectral, as something beyond our rational understanding.

Cuban President Raúl Castro vehemently denies any involvement in the “attacks” and has taken the extraordinary step of inviting the Federal Bureau of Investigation to travel to Cuba and conduct their own investigation..

To those who are unfamiliar with the capabilities of sonic weaponry, the claims may sound ominous—and very real.

Despite this, there is no lack of grandiose claims and conspiracy theories about the use of secret acoustic devices.

Could someone have developed a hand-held weapon that could focus a wave of energy on a victim with pinpoint accuracy?

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