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His chance came as Bunter’s flashing willow met the leather and the ball whizzed between the slips.

The cars were the Jaguar D types, one green and one blue with a head and shoulders driver-in, manufactured from moulded plastic. racing car models of Minimodels Ltd, which was a clockwork powered race car system that first appeared in 1952.

Yet the illustration clearly shows three schoolboys around the table plus Bunter … Not only that but a little further on in the same chapter we are told, ‘Evidently there was nothing for Bunter, in No.7 Study, but bread and marger, and a share in Peter’s sardines. But Peter, with the selfishness to which Bunter was sadly accustomed, apportioned the sardines in three equal portions on three plates – a proceeding which Bunter eyed with deep disgust. Bunter, having purloined a jar of plum jam from Smithy, took shelter in Mr.

So there we have it, the written evidence – the usual Study crowd of Bunter, Dutton and Todd, the three portions divided onto three plates – yet in the illustration we have four chaps around the table ! Quelch’s Study, a safe retreat in which to devour his ill gotten gains. Quelch’s table lay a paper-knife which answered the purpose fairly well.

were taking a rest before riding homesitting on a low wall facing the sea and cheerily sharing a bag of dough-nuts.

Five bicycles were parked against the wall a few yards away. Only one building was in sight – a bungalow far back from the beach, with a garden surrounded by a low brick wall – on which they were sitting in a cheery row.

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