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Finally, two features have added “stickiness” to the app, providing more reasons to keep using it.

First is the ability to name one of your followers your BFFs (Best Fan Forever) and to create duets with them.

Furthermore, because Musers are encouraged to leave comments on videos, there is a chance that children may be bullied or ridiculed for what they’ve created.

Plus, when they agree to upload content to, all Musers grant permission for their content to be shared on other social media sites regardless of whether they know it or not.

If was around back then and I was an active user, I am sure that receiving positive affirmation from others after sharing my videos would have brought a smile to my face and a skip to my step.

It would have provided validation and connection – two things I desperately wanted and needed as an adolescent.

complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which means that it is unlawful for children under 13 to have an account and operate it on their own.

Please know that my goal is not to frighten (we *hate* fear mongering and are frustrated by those who continue to create a moral panic when it comes to what teens are doing online).

I just feel obligated to point out that very young kids – when given the power to contribute to and interact on a thriving platform dominated by other young kids – are making mistakes that cause adults to cringe. They simply want to connect with others, and long for shoutouts, hollabacks, BFF status, being Featured on the site. ” It’s natural and emotional and very “in-the-moment.” But it’s unregulated madness, and it makes me slightly nervous. Another concern for some parents whose children use is the presence of mature themes in the songs that other Musers include in their Musicals.

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