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While in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country, headcoverings are completely optional and actually used often as a fashion statement.In Turkey and France, "not a sign of religion [but] a sign of subservience." Afghan filmmaker Sonia Nassery Cole doesn't wear a headscarf herself, but she believes that women should be able to wear whatever makes them feel safe and beautiful.

But author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali sees Islam as antithetical to liberalism and women's rights.

By Western standards the Prophet would now be considered a pervert, Hirsi Ali has said.

More Resources Faisal al Yafai, "Translating feminism into Islam" Lily Zakiyah Munir, "The Koran's Spirit of Gender Equality" An earlier version of this article described imprecisely how the Prophet Muhammad communicated with Allah to inspire the Koran.

"He punishes you cruelly if you break His rules, both on earth, with illness and natural disasters, and in the hereafter, with hellfire." When she emigrated to the West at age 22, Hirsi Ali realized that "God and His truth had been humanized here." Instead of focusing on Hell and punishment, Christianity focuses on salvation.

For Christians, "God is a god of love rather than a cruel ruler who metes out punishments." But perhaps the main "Muhammad is infallible," says Ali.

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