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The project is called Community Snow Observations and is part of NASA’s Citizen Science for Earth Systems program.

“Our initial model runs show that the citizen science measurements are doing an amazing job of improving our simulations,” said David Hill of the OSU College of Engineering.

Baym’s research had demonstrated how bacteria, as they reproduce across a giant petri dish, mutate over the course of 11 days to withstand antibiotics at 1,000 times the concentration normally used to fight infection.

The third panelist, Reason, will discuss how she is taking data from Baym’s research and converting it into sound.

If there was not a name available, we named the census tract by the largest street intersection in the census tract (e.g., Worcester, MA (Lincoln St/Plantation St) Zip codes were developed by the Postal Service for the purpose of delivering mail, but were never intended to define coherent neighborhoods.

In addition, Zip Codes can have as many as 10 distinctly different census tracts contained within them.

The little free libraries around town are one of the best ways to find unique books that are available to everyone for no cost. You can buy a library making kit or an already-built library online, customize it to your liking, and then wait for people to share and take books in your neighborhood.

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Researchers are now looking to recruit citizen scientists in the Pacific Northwest as well, and if possible in the Rocky Mountain region also.

“If we get a whole bunch of measurements on one day in one spot, that has value, but the more we can get things stretched out, the more coverage we get, the better modeling products we can produce.” CORVALLIS, Ore. Coincidentally, last spring Yong spoke at Oregon State as part of SPARK, a yearlong celebration of the interplay between art and science.

– A panel will discuss drug-resistant bacteria from the standpoints of science, art and music from 6 to 8 p.m. “It was very cool that I had created something that inspired someone else to do something so lovely,” Baym said.

in the Learning Innovation Center (LIn C) Room 302, located at 165 S. In 1989, she began working with the Kayapo Indians of Brazil’s Xingu Basin to develop conservation-based economic alternatives to logging to preserve the tropical forest and to strengthen the capacity of the Kayapo people to maintain territorial control of their land.

The Kayapo have since become renowned, not only for directly protecting their forests by evicting trespassers, but by working with conservation organizations and celebrities – including rock star Sting – to lobby for indigenous rights in the Brazilian constitution. in tropical ecology from Florida State University, and bachelor’s and master’s degrees in zoology from the University of Guelph, where she worked with David Noakes, who is on the faculty of the OSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is looking for snowshoers, backcountry skiers and snow-machine users in the Pacific Northwest to gather data to use in computer modeling for snow-water equivalent, or SWE.

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