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She was the daughter of Michael and Margaret (Kühm) Schott. Swanders, 27 years of age, and a brakemen for the Pennsylvania, sustained a broken left leg, just above the knee and numerous bruises about the head and body.The string of cars he was standing upon was violently broken in two at the Lafayette street crossing, with the result that the jolt hurled Swanders from the top of the car. WB: Rachel's fresh out of medical school, but has some issues that she still hasn't worked out in New York. 17: You and Rachel worked together on The OC, right? I was getting paid take after take after take to make out in the front seat of a car.

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Frank married Laura Schott in Celina, Mercer County, Ohio, on 27 January 1914. Frank and Laura had a son a year later, Glen Franklin, who died of a cerebral hemorrhage injury at birth or shortly thereafter on 26 November 1915.

Although rendered unconscious by the fall, the unfortunate man regained his senses when removed to the Lutheran hospital.

AT noon today he had shown marked signs of recovery. Newspaper accounts indicate that he had a lengthy hospital stay and he eventually lost his left leg. He was Caucasian; married; born in Garrett, Indiana, on 4 August 1889; lived at 2421 Winter St, Fort Wayne; was slender, tall, not bald, and had brown hair and eyes.

One Tree Hill was shooting down there forever and ever. It's a really talented cast and also like a kind of cool, interesting crew of young actors, you know with Rachel obviously kind of at the helm of it. WB: You really never know if the people that you're gonna be working with are gonna be too cool for school. It ended up being really, some really great chemistry between us. So, through this kind of mysterious evolution that we learn about by the end of the pilot, she ends up inheriting half of a small town practice — General Practitioner practice in Blue Bell, Alabama. It was like, "Aw this is great."17: Was the kiss awkward at all?

I'll make sure that there's a position for me somewhere! WB: There would definitely be contention about this.

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