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Activity light (on integrated network adapter) yellow light — Blinking indicates activity on the network. Diagnostic lights four lights on the front panel (see "") Standby power light AUXPWR on the system board Power DC power supply: Wattage 375 W Heat dissipation 1280 BTU/hr NOTE: Heat dissipation is calculated based upon the power supply wattage rating. Any advice very much welcomed, Thanks, Richard () When you say 1MB I presume you mean 1GB sticks. I've managed to find the manual for your system manual_skip to page 74 I initially wondered if your board could handle 1 GB DIMMs but that does not seem to be an issue, so I suspect you are simply falling foul of the specifics of installing RAM. Even after re reading your OP several times I can work out if you have a 1GB and a 512MB module trying to work together. Reply to jiel22 View Full Version : bartholomew1001-03-15, Hallo, May beg the advice from the Members please? I thought I would boost RAM (which I have done before with laptops and other computers - using safe anti-static precautions)and found there were two sticks each of 512Mb in already fitted, and have just tried to fit two 'used', but supposedly checked, 1Mb sticks off ebay. I am a relative newbie with computers and have hit a snag with an old Dell as above. These are: Kingston 240-pin KVR53302N4/1G (much slimmer sticks than in already, but I presumed having better miniaturisation) They fitted easily, but the computer just 'beeped' at me! Can computers easily get screwed up over slots in use? Voltage (See the safety instructions in the Product Information Guide for important voltage setting information.) manual selection power supplies — 90 to 135 V and 180 to 265 V at 50/60 Hz Backup battery 3-V CR2032 lithium coin cell Physical Height 46.48 cm (18.3 inches) Width 18.54 cm (7.3 inches) Depth 45.42 cm (17.88 inches) Weight 15.4 kg (34 lb) Environmental Temperature: Operating 10° to 35°C (50° to 95°F) Storage –40° to 65°C (–40° to 149°F) Relative humidity 20% to 80% (noncondensing) Maximum vibration: Operating 0.25 G at 3 to 200 Hz at 0.5 octave/min Storage 0.5 G at 3 to 200 Hz at 1 octave/min Maximum shock: Operating bottom half-sine pulse with a change in velocity of 20 inches/sec (50.8 cm/sec) Storage 27-G faired square wave with a velocity change of 200 inches/sec (508 cm/sec) Altitude: Operating –15.2 to 3048 m (–50 to 10,000 ft) Storage –15.2 to 10,668 m (–50 to 35,000 ft) Dell XPS 400 Service Manualfile:///T|/htdocs/systems/xps400/sm/index.htm[8/3/2012 PM]Dell™ XPS™ 400 Service Manual About Your Computer Before You Begin Removing the Computer Cover Technical Overview Specifications Advanced Troubleshooting System Setup Removing and Installing Parts Replacing the Computer Cover Notes, Notices, and Cautions NOTE: A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your computer.

Hard-drive access light green Link integrity light (on integrated network adapter) green light — A good connection exists between a 10-Mbps network and the computer.

I then noticed that the computer was anyway only showing ONE stick of 512, and was ignoring the second stick (hence the slowness?? I swapped the 512's around and the darn computer still only 'recognised' one stick and that one 'appearing' to be in a slot that was in fact empty!!!! ; Are the two Kingston sticks possibly the wrong sort (despite that they fit well)?

; or should I risk taking out both the original 512's and just fit both new Kingston's and see what happens????

Have a read through the manual ive linked above, starting at page 74 and see if it helps any. Yes, I bought then two replacement stick (yes, 1Gb each, not Mb!!

it is possible you have dodgy memory but I really doubt it as memory tends to be pretty bulletproof. ) and added them to the two lower black slots leaving the two original 512Gb sticks in place.

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