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On October 9, 2006, Microsoft announced that they reached a milestone of 1 million units of Windows XP Starter Edition sold.In the mass market, however, the Starter Edition has not had much success.In addition, the Starter Edition is licensed only for low-end processors like Intel's Celeron or AMD's Duron and Sempron.There is also a 512 MB limit on main memory and a 120 GB disk size limit.The Malaysian version, for example, contains a desktop background of the Kuala Lumpur skyline.

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The K and KN editions of Windows XP Home Edition and Professional Edition were released in August 2006, and are only available in English and Korean.Only three applications can be run at once on the Starter Edition, and each application may open a maximum of three windows.The maximum screen resolution is 1024×768, and there is no support for workgroup networking or domains.Windows XP Starter Edition is a lower-cost version of Windows XP available in Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Uruguay, Malaysia, and Venezuela.It is similar to Windows XP Home, but is limited to low-end hardware, can only run 3 programs at a time, and has some other features either removed or disabled by default.

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