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HIV is a contagious virus that causes the onset of AIDS.

AIDS - or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome - is a failure of the immune system, which means the body is easily overwhelmed by cancer and infections.

She realizes it is her colleague, and friend so she relaxes and they lay together in the bed, Alisha rubs on Nikko’s boobs and butt whilst they relax, and talk about agent Rex and his issues.

Nikko has no idea that Alisha is there to take her out so she can be with Double Agent Rex.

He plays with her and plays with her body a bit caressing and touching her.

He goes for the shoes to expose her feet, he rolls her over to feel her ass in the jeggings for a while, enjoying her perfect ass, and afterwards unsnaps her bra.

You should definitely read on to get some answers though... Every single update from now back to when Jesus was a boy.

He takes her inside, sets her on the floor, then drags her under her arms to the bed.

He drags her up on the bed and starts to check her out.

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Sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up?

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