Ace young dating essence red bluff dating

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My brother was 25 and his wife was 47 when they married 20 years ago and have been happy ever since.

There are many celebrities where it is working between an older woman and a younger man, this is my brother, though, not a hollywood story. I'm a guy ( ex military), who chased, pursued and married a much older women.

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I to was concerned about the age difference and the funny thing is, it never became a problem with any of our family or friends.

We dated for 6 months then got engaged, another 6 months after that we were married a week before I turned 22.

And then 3 months after we got married she feel pregnant.

I landed my 6.1 ft Prince Charming, we are married now and expecting our first baby (7 months ), I was very clucky around him. I'm 34 dating a 21 yr old and was starting to panic a little thinking about the age difference.

I moved to Australia to be with him and our life is going great. I'm getting used to it but sometimes it gets to me.

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