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Richard hopes this new documentary will supply a similar boost.

‘I’m trying to be as obliging to the media as I can,’ he says frankly, ‘because it’s all free publicity.

But deeper digging revealed the business was 20 years older than that, a discovery that was not altogether welcome: Richard had just had shirts printed to celebrate the later date.

The Balsons kept butchering at the Shambles for more than 200 years, before the town council abolished the open market.

But we offer something the supermarket bad boys can’t: after the horsemeat scandal, people want to know what they’re eating.Most businesses change hands within a couple of generations.It’s rare for any firm to be in the hands of its founder’s grandson, let alone for the lineage to stretch back to Tudor times.But for Richard, there is a more pressing concern than the weight of the past.He has to keep Balson’s alive in the face of competition from supermarkets, with traditional traders vanishing from every High Street.

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