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At my company, rejecting polite deception is a big part of how we do business.

When something isn’t right, we call each other out on it respectfully, then and there, without delay. It’s not helpful to foster an everyone-gets-a-trophy mentality; you have to the honors. Sometimes a hire just won’t cut it in a certain role.

These traits rest on opposite ends of the Hire-Intelligence AT profile scale.

Now, in some roles having a high level of accommodation is a very good thing while being overly assertive is a negative.

Over the years we’ve had thousands of job candidates complete our Hire-Intelligence AT behavioral assessment.

Though many have passed through our portal we are always interested in which behavioral questions will pop up in the candidate’s interview guide produced by the system after the candidate completes the AT.

“When you have a customer convinced how do you close the deal?

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Perhaps you are an accommodating person who fancies themselves as being assertive.

Here are a few other other recognizable scenarios where being nice isn’t doing you – or anyone – any favors: Turning to polite deception.

You’ve been in these brainstorming meetings – everyone is trying to hack a particular problem, and someone with power raises a ridiculous idea.

Stated more bluntly, they allow the customer to walk all over them.

The assertive sales person on the other hand who has spent their career kicking down doors and going for the proverbial jugular might show a little too much aggression in their response.

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