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In Uttar Pradesh the Yadav are also known as the Ahir, while in the neighbouring state of Bihar Ahir, Goala, Rai, Sar-gope and Gope are their synonyms.Some of their surnames are Yadav, Rai, Ram, Singh and Gope. The traditional and main occupations of the Yadav are animal husbandry (cattle and buffaloes) and agriculture.Today the Yadav are a large and interesting community distributed mainly in the northern Indian states of Uttar Pradesh (10.2 million) and Bihar, and some southern states.The Yadavs of Uttar Pradesh speak dialects of Hindi such as Awadhi, Bhojpuri or Braj as their mother tongue, while those residing in Bihar primarily speak the Maithili or Bhojpuri dialects. They are also conversant with Hindi and many educated Yadav also speak English.The Yadav, or Yadava, people are considered to be Yaduvanshi (of the lineage of Yadu), and are celebrated as the community into which Krishna was born.They are said to have migrated from across the seas to Gujarat and as pastoralists, spread to the northern, central and eastern parts of India.

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In Uttar Pradesh, they claim to have no subgroups, hierarchy or differentiation, but in Bihar their subgroups are Kannaujiya, Kisnaut, Dandhor, Majhrot and Bhurihar.Daughters have no right in the inheritance and do not claim any share.The status of women is secondary to the men in Yadav society, though they do have important roles in the religious and ritual spheres.These days, many Yadav people are self employed with their own small business, while others work in the government or private sectors at various levels.There are a few landless among them who work as daily-wage, agricultural or industrial labour.

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