Intimidating staff

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Staff development must be intentional, active, and potent.A plan for individual growth should reflect current personal and professional status regarding attributes needed to perform assigned duties, short- and long-term goals, and alternative methods for achieving those goals.Both the supervisor and the staff member must agree upon changes.Staff development policy should be directed toward the following objectives: [top] All members of the student affairs division will participate in an ongoing process of staff development.Because of the importance of this, each unit should have a line item in the department's budget to help defray the costs associated with attending professional conferences and other professional development activities.In addition, each unit is strongly encouraged to coordinate professional development activities that are open to the entire division.Like performance appraisal, staff development practices are contingent upon the context of the institution Effective staff development should be congruent with: Effective and comprehensive staff development practices must attend to staff and organization improvement, derive from a developmental plan, include attention to both process and product, be anchored in day-to-day work, be multifaceted and ever changing, and recognize maturation and growth in staff.Staff development practices have a dual focus in that they must attend to individual staff and to organization development.

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For staff development to be successful, both goals must be achieved -- that is, they must be mutually supportive.

This commitment requires creativity and flexibility in plans for staff development.

Staff development plans should be developed collaboratively between the staff member and supervisor and reviewed on a regular basis.

At minimum, staff members should participate in at least one professional organization related to the field of student affairs.

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