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Be responsible and all that :)Maybe it's the fact that everybody is still in bits from the weekend and that the booze is still flowing but plenty of people have either scored or finally clinched the deal here are a weekend of partying in here. Even when this was Cocoon way back in the day it has always been a great location for hooking up with people.Lots of booze, people all dressed up at the weekend and everybody there for pretty much one thing only.Certainly high up the list and everybody goes there for one reason (it isn't the decor or the high brow conversation) but the reality is that most people are so plastered by the time they leave they are more interested in chips / puking / finding more drink than riding.Still lots of opportunity for some late night horizontal jogging though if you play your cards right.Set it to Alaska to get a great animation of the swell coming in as well as wind speed and dominant period. Got some great pics up of all the worlds breaks too. We want westerly swell with South East winds ideally. Wind, wave and weather predictor on 3 hour intervals for up to date forecasts. you want the finest lodging with absolutely breathtaking views, this is the place.

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best dating site boards ie-30, Irish, and maintain their position within the Top 5, while newcomer came from nowhere to claim 6th place on the list.All those guys going into town with their grungy looks and the girls in their high heels and short skirts in the middle of winter...They aren't heading into town to talk about the weather with their mates.When discussing this list internally we all agreed on one thing... Probably no better place to be looking now that the sun is coming out than down at the pav. Not sure how long "where the gang still go" tagline has been on the go at this stage but after several refits, years of marketing and countless rides Tamango isn't going anywhere. Nobody had heard of it just over a year ago but by some accounts there are over 300,000 Irish people using Tinder to find love and more likely..get the ride.This isn't going to be one specific venue but use it from the comfort of your home or out in a bar with your mates and let the app do the rest. Temple bar has been getting a lot of stick lately but there are still thousands of tourists popping over.

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