England gerogian era dating

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Poor people were encouraged to sell healthy teeth for this purpose.

While such a practice was unethical, it was better than the other method of sourcing human teeth: pillaging them battlefields and graveyards.3.

Noblewomen caught diseases passed on from their husband's prostitutes and were still subjected to confinement and the barbaric medical practice of bleeding when pregnant.

Even their fashions and frippery provided cold comfort when their make-up poisoned them, unwashed dresses and undergarments stank and their fancy foods made their teeth rot and fall out.

Cleansing tooth-powders had started to emerge but most of these featured "spirit of vitriol", known to us as sulphuric acid, and stripped teeth of their enamel.

Often the best remedy for smelling teeth and bad breath was to chew herbs such as parsley.

While hands and faces would be washed daily, immersive bathing was considered bad for the health and was only indulged in occasionally.

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Society beauty Maria Gunning died at the age of just 27, having spent her life addicted to cosmetics.When it comes to playing with sex toys in the bedroom, most lovers (68%) actually don’t use them.Whereas, slipping into some sexy lingerie seemed to be more common with 38% trying to shake things up that way 2.DEADLY MAKE-UPGeorgian women were renowned for their snowy faces and dark eyebrows but achieving the fashionable skin tone could be extremely dangerous.White face powders were lead-based and some also featured vinegar and horse manure.

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