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Television personality and environmentalist Steve Irwin has died from a stingray wound while filming off north Queensland.

Professional diver Pete West was on board a boat close to scene of the attack when it happened.

The Irwins married in 1992 - the same year Irwin made a one-off documentary, Mr Stainton said the accident happened after bad weather halted filming for the new documentary series.

During the break, Irwin had been shooting footage for his daughter Bindi's upcoming TV series, Mr Stainton said.

But he said although Mr Irwin got into plenty of "close shaves" with his antics involving various dangerous animals over the years, his star charge never feared death.

Mr Stainton admitted he "always" feared that this day would come during their 20-year association. "(But) nothing would ever scare Steve or would worry him.

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