Aaron yan and gui gui dating Live naughty chat rooms

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Many fans want Gui Gui and Aaron Yan to be together.

There's even a couple name coined for them (Gui Lun)! They were onscreen lovers in the 2008 Taiwanese drama Pi Li MIT, but I don't think they're actually dating in real life.

There's even a couple name coined for them (Gui Lun)!

well, nobody knows for sure but we do know that gui gui likes aaron.

edited by tieu_yeu_nu where do you base the gui gui likes aaron yan theory on?

it is known gui gui and aaron gets on really well and sometimes goes out together but nothing is said on who likes who.

The day when she found out that is also the day that she knew that 'that person' have someone special with him.

but im a huge guilun fan but im still not so sure about who she likes. Aaron knew what she had experienced, but getting her trust is difficult now. The adult world was as distant as the sky, with no worries, no work, no stress, do you remember the times when you were a child?Wu Fu Chen and her younger sister, Wu Ying Jie left that world a longtime ago.Well, no one really knows if Aaron Yan likes Gui Gui, but it is definitely know that they are very good friends.Of course, only the stars themselves know this answer, but looking at their interactions as well as communication on screen as well as in Pi Li MIT, a budding romance can definitely be seen between these two stars.

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