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The “new urban” is very often much like Beyoncé, never having seen the streets a day in her life, but influenced by their values nonetheless.Nevertheless, the realities and conditions of urban living in your thirties are tough, and you didn’t have to grow up in the inner city to feel the burden.

He has a desire to know that his partner is willing to sacrifice for him and wants a woman who will enhance his life, for the better.

He wants a woman committed to being loyal to him, even when no one else will be. Which brings us back to the original question – how do we practice loyalty towards one another when we’re not committing to being in faithful, devoted relationships?

Here are my suggestions based on my experience observing and participating in the new urban dating game.

Haffo referred in the video to a Twitter argument which started when Strandhäll commented on a friend's Facebook page after they joked that men's voting rights should be withdrawn following Donald Trump's election as the next US president.

Several people were also heard laughing in the background.

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