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Every 4 weeks Art Spot is open to have a new call for local artist’s exhibition.

To support the local artists, Art Spot has a display shelf for small arts and crafts which can be used by artists.

Sun Radiology can provide a checklist to determine if you would be considered at high risk or at moderately increased risk and should have both a mammogram and MRI every year.

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According to the ACRIN (American College of Radiology Imaging Network) death rates from breast cancer have been declining as much as 28% since about 2005, with larger decreases in women younger than 50.In digital mammography the radiation dose is greatly reduced as compared to conventional analog mammography. Digital mammography is more comfortable because it requires less pressure or compression of the breast to create the images.Only about 60% of the imaging centers in the United States offer digital mammography.Most importantly digital mammography has the ability to better detect cancers of the breast due to the high resolution of the images.This increased image resolution is an especially important advantage for women who have large or dense breasts.

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