Other options besides online dating

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The first is being clear with yourself and about your intention to meet someone.

Secondly, increase your energy for social interactions and, within reason, try to socialize more frequently.

And of course, the idea holds true that even if you don’t meet someone, you’re engaging in activities that you enjoy anyway!

Another bonus is that new friendships are often made in the process.

This approach to meeting potential partners was found to be used predominantly by what Thomas referred to as “subpopulations.” Subpopulations refer to people who live in areas where they struggle to find compatible potential partners.

Being stuck in the single scene can be frustrating and disheartening.

Thomas, a sociologist at City College of New York, approximately 23% of couples met online.

(Click here for the full report) Almost a quarter of all couples meeting online really illustrates that this is not your grandmother’s dating scene!

In other words, instead of getting set up as often by friends and family members, people are meeting their partners online.

His research indicates that there are not more relationships in total, as a result of online dating sites.

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