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More of the awards will predictably come the way of Cuthbert in the very foreseeable future.

The CBC Music web series is part Canadian indie scene satire, part showcase for Can Con cameos from the likes of Sam Roberts, Fred Penner and The Kids In The Hall's Kevin Mc Donald. Everyone worked so hard, so many different people working in so many different ways pulling that together.

That's a pretty amazing thing to get to work with one of the greatest directors of all time and win Academy Award for Best Picture. You were from Lindsay, but Yeah, it was pretty nonstop.

The links were shot in Montreal with me and Elisha and the adventures were all over Canada. So I went back to school in between and then head back on the road again. It was just constantly with a team, lots of gear, moving from place to place with an objective, going in, and then heading onto the next place.

But I was like "I guess I might as well." So I wrote her a message on Twitter and she got back within like an hour being like "yeah, I'm in, here's my info." How was it reconnecting with those guys? So you weren't interested in pursuing acting as your main career after the show ended? I was probably 17 and I was like "this is what I want to do." I was finished [with the show] when I was 16 and I was .

Apparaissant aux génériques de Back to school (retour à la fac) (2003) et Love actually (id.), elle dévoile ses charmes en interprétant en 2004 une ex-star du porno dans Girl next door.Après l'action et la comédie, la belle bascule dans l'horreur en tournant La Maison de cire (2005), remake de L' Homme au masque de cire, et en devenant deux ans plus tard la captive de Roland Joffé.... At the age of nine, she kick started her modeling career by modelling children clothing. She has proved her capacity to deliver at the world stage over the years gone by. Cuthbert was born on the last day in November of 1982. Her biological mother was a full house wife while her father was an automobile design engineer; they are Patricia and Kevin.Seeing them onscreen together in 2015 is a direct stimulation of whichever neurotransmitters are responsible for nostalgia. Both Baruchel and Cuthbert are major Hollywood actors now. People outside of Canada don't necessarily know it. We were very excited to be there, and that ended up being a really fun party. That was the first time I've seen people really dancing at one of those. And we were all like "thank you." It ended up turning into a real shit show. I've done my fair share of work on set as well, but not quite to the extent that they've done it. How did you get onboard at I actually went for the readthrough and read for a bunch of characters. Yeah, it seems like most of the best Canadian comedy is on the internet, not on TV. Tyler Kyte, Baruchel's replacement in season two, went a more musical route. I played in a band Sweet Thing for a number of years, and we did college tours and frosh week stuff. Sometimes someone will say "I know you, did we go to high school together? I know right away when they're like "how do I know you? But I was sort of at the bridge where I saw both eras, first when it was hosted by Jay and then after when you replaced him. It was either before school or after school, or whenever they watched it. And now you guys are all still out there and doing stuff, so it's like "we knew about these guys before you did." Tell me about it. Well when we started playing we weren't aware of that. And you've popped up at a lot of different kinds of gigs you wouldn't necessarily get in Sweet Thing. Just to sort of be with them and see how they handle themselves and how they assert themselves and when... I feel like more and more it's becoming a viable avenue because everyone has the internet and people's attention spans are going down so short episodes are great. Like , which is another web series that Morgan Waters created and starred in.

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