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If the window does not exist -- perhaps due to having been destroyed via Gui Destroy -- this command has no effect.

Hides the window without saving the controls' contents to their associated variables.

For example: is omitted or does not exist on the system, the previous font's typeface will be used (or if none, the system's default GUI typeface).

This behavior is useful to make a GUI window have a similar font on multiple systems, even if some of those systems lack the preferred font.

Removes the window (if it exists) and all its controls, freeing the corresponding memory and system resources.

If the script later recreates the window, all of the window's properties such as color and font will start off at their defaults (as though the window never existed).

Zero or more of the following strings may be present in (specify each number as decimal, not hexadecimal): Wn: Specify for n the width (in pixels) of the window's client area (the client area excludes the window's borders, title bar, and menu bar).

The window is also shown and activated, if necessary. If the window is minimized, it will stay that way but will probably rise higher in the z-order (which is the order seen in the alt-tab selector).

Xn: Specify for n the window's X-position on the screen, in pixels.

Position 0 is the leftmost column of pixels visible on the screen.

No Activate: Unminimizes or unmaximizes the window, if necessary. If the window was previously hidden, this will probably cause it to appear on top of the active window even though the active window is not deactivated.

Hide: Hides the window and activates the one beneath it.

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