Advantages and disadvantages of dating a younger man

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Women who seek adventure are more drawn to older men.

In "Older Women, Younger Men: New Options for Love and Romance," authors Felicia Brings and Susan Winter interviewed more than 200 men to discover the allure of the so-called "Mrs.

It was good for your spirit, a great ego boost and got your engines revving again. Don’t let yourself suffer over something you knew had no lasting power and was a wonderful experience until the very end. Be honest with yourself and avoid the “no string thing” again. When you feel ready, make yourself available and hold your head high.

Let men pursue you just as you did with this fellow.

Editor's note: Emmanuel Macron is a favorite to win the French presidential election this Sunday, but he's making headlines for more than his political success.

At 64, Macron's wife Brigitte is 24 years older than him.

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